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Self Care

Self Care


Happy New Year! I know we are a couple of months into 2018 but I still feel obligated to say it. I hope you all are having a great fresh new start to the new year. How are you making out with your list of new year resolutions? I personally have been pushing away from making resolutions for some years now. I have instead adopted the method of being intentional. Doing things that feed my mind, body and soul is what I focus on. One intention that I set for myself for 2018 is to indulge in more self care. I want to do more things that will that catered to my own needs. When you feel good from the inside out, life just seems a bit sweeter.

Massages, foot baths, mani/pedi’s have been some components to my self care regimen. Sometimes I just light a good fragrant candle, take out my pen, a notebook and just start writing. Getting my thoughts out on paper is also therapeutic for me. Whether you already have a routine going or you’re looking to start one for self care this year, please be sure to add these to your repertoire.

Shea Moisture “African Black Soap Problem Skin” Face Mask


Shoppe Baus Candle


Mischo Beauty “American Hustle” Nail Lacquers


Oh So Paper “Best Idea Ever” Notebook


What are some of your own staples that you use or things you do to take care of yourself? Leave them below in the comments below. 

Til next time!


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I love a good facial and moisturizer soap. Since the sprng time, I’ve adopted these products that’s done wonders for me:
Yadain Cultural solutions:

Detox and Purge Facial Atonement
Rosemary & Lemon Peel Raw Soap
Tea Tree Whole Oil
Coconut Shell & Grape Seed Facial Scrub

Black owned store in Philly that I’ve fell in love with. Yadain Cultural Solutions LLC.


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