Beatrice Feliu-Espada: Making Millions While Taking Care Of All The VaJayJay's In The World

Written By: Franny Crooks on

Taking care of all the vajayjay's in the world is a huge responsibility but Beatrice Feliu-Espada is definitely up for the challenge. She's not only up for the challenge but by the looks of her success with her growing company; The Honey Pot Co., we can clearly see that she is overcoming these challenges while coming out on top. The Honey Pot Co. is the first natural feminine care system that prides itself on protecting, cleansing and balancing your vagina. With being the first of it's kind and providing women with such an amazing product, the demand was. 
In this interview, we dive deep into Beatrice's accomplishments and goals. Her mission for The Honey Pot was always clear but landing a partnership with major retailer; Target, made it all the more clearer. The exposure created more of a demand and catapulted The Honey Pot into a multi-million dollar business. Beatrice talks about her her lack of preparation when it came to sealing the deal with target, her goals for her business and because she care so much, she gave some very helpful tips on how women can keep their vaginas in good standing.
For more on Beatrice, be sure to follow her on Instagram and if you want to take better care of your VaJayJay with The Honey Pot products, visit their website www.TheHoneyPot.co to check out their full line of feminine care products. There's also a great podcast interview with Beatrice with my girl Rana on her podcast Dreams In Drive where she discusses more of her past and how she got started and you can listen to that to here.

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