Ernest B. James: Managing To Bring Diversity To Brands

Written By: Franny Crooks on

People of color being left out when it comes to big brand advertisements is nothing new. This has been going on since ads were invented but now more than ever, people are speaking out against brands who have no diverse representation. In order to create a shift, we need people in place to handle those deals and Ernest B. James is just the man to do it. Ernest is the Founder and CEO of Noire Management which is a management company that is bridging the gap between the relationships with brands and influencers of color. 
Though challenging, Mr. James is well equipped to make things happen within his business from his many years of experience working in the PR industry where he got to see the lack of diversity between brands and consumers head on. Working within the problem of the industry pushed him more to branch off on his own and start Noire Management. During our interview which was such a great conversation, Ernest shares who he was as a youngin', why being a Gynecologist just was not going to work out for him, what the mission behind his company is and what you can do to be a part of his all-star influencer roster. 
For more on Ernest B. James, be sure to follow him on Instagram and to stay informed with all the great things Noire Management is doing, stop by their website; www.Noire-mgmt.com.

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