Welcome to the Black Rich Club Money Savings Challenge!

Just you being here, proves that you are ready for change and we are happy that we are in this together. 

Our Money Savings Challenge is really easy. Starting today, September 1st 2022 (if you're late to the party, that's okay), you will start saving the amount of money each day (if that is a bit tedious for you then you can save it weekly) and keep depositing that money into a savings account that you will not withdraw from! By the end of September, you will have $1,000 saved!!! 

Please note that this challenge can be customized to fit any financial situation. If you want to save $500, just split the daily/ weekly amounts in half and save that amount. If you want to save $2,000 then multiple the daily/weekly amounts by 2 and deposit that amount. In the end, the goal is to save something and to begin to be disciplined in saving money. This is your start!

So sign up for our email list HERE and get your FREE Money Savings Plan Printable sent to you now. Print it out and post it in a place where you can see it daily. Let's start saving! Be sure you are following us on Instagram (@blackrichclub) because we will be posting daily financial tips and challenges to really level up this challenge.

This FREE Savings Plan will be available from September 1st to October 1st 2022! So get yours!

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