Derrell Smith: The Journey To Becoming A Self-Made Chef

Written By: Franny Crooks on

derrell smith chef black rich club interview
Self-Made: made by oneself; having become rich or successful by one's own effort.
What does it take to be "Self-Made"? Derrell Smith's journey to becoming a Self-Made Chef is such a inspiring one. He has definitely earned his success through his own efforts. Derrell did not attend some fancy culinary school but graduated from Syracuse University with a IT Marketing degree. He did not have a apprenticeship under a great chef but worked at Wawa and later got fired from his job in advertising. He did not have a trust fund or a wealthy family to turn to for assistance in funding his dreams but used his own savings to start and bootstrap his business 99EATS. If that is not Self-Made, then what is. 
This Philly native was born into a family of hard working people, so Derrell having the same work ethics and drive are not far from the apple tree. In our interview, we get into Smith's relationship with food, his time playing in the NFL, stepping out on faith, beating a bunch of grandma's at their own game and becoming the OG of Meatballs. Though Derrell has done plenty, he hasn't even touched the surface of his own success. He has a lot more that he will accomplish.
For more on Derrell, be sure to follow his tasty Instagram page. If you want to learn more about his virtual culinary experience, visit his website;

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