Interview: Dana Blair (Part 1)

Written By: Franny Crooks on

A hustler is someone who knows what they want and takes all the steps necessary to make sure they get it. Dana Blair embodies a hustler's spirit. Nothing about Dana from her flesh to her spirit is anything ordinary. She has hustled and worked hard to obtain multiple degrees, snagging great positions with huge companies and starting her own business; I Have Never Been That Girl. Dana chats with Franny about the many facets it takes and has taken for her to be successful in this business of entrepreneurship. The gems were so good that we decided to make it a two part interview. If you ever are between a rock and a hard place when it comes to being your own boss or even succeeding in whatever position you are in, Dana your girl to get you through it. 
Get some hot tea, a pen and a notebook to jot down this priceless information.
If you want to catch up with Dana, you can do so via her website;

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I love when she said #notaboutthatcubiclelife. so true!! Her hair is dope and way to go on the music. . . when she said “you invoice them” and the music dropped to those crickets. . . I was straight nodding my head over here. Love that hustler spirit. No rest for the weary!! Thanks for this one Franny. I’ll be looking for that part two!

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