Interview: Jean Alerte

Interview: Jean Alerte

10 years and counting. That's how long Jean Alerte has been working for himself and might I add that he is successful at doing just that. Jean is the Executive Brand Consultant of his premium branding company; ACA Branding Agency. When Jean is not coming up with branding or marketing strategies for big brands, he is spearheading his other company; Brooklyn Swirl which is the first frozen yogurt shop in Brooklyn, NY.

In this interview, Jean talks with Franny of Let Me Be Great Inc. about working for himself, being his own client and not allowing the opinions of other people to stop him from making moves as a businessman. 

If you want to know what it takes to be a Entrepreneur, watch Jean's interview, take some notes and then get back to your hustle. 

Want to know more about Jean or ACA Branding Agency? Then visit their website by clicking this link --->


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