Interview: Tammeca Rochester

Written By: Franny Crooks on

The most successful entrepreneurs are those who solve a problem. Tammeca Rochester is one of those entrepreneurs and she's just got started. Meet the owner of Harlem's first boutique cycling studio; Harlem Cycle. Tammeca saw a void in her community and quickly set out to solve the problem. Not only is she solving a problem while getting people in shape but she is doing it with style. Harlem Cycle not only gives butt kicking classes but they offer up a full experience with water, fresh fruits and towels provided for all who attends. Everyone is treated like royalty once they step foot inside. Tammeca tells Franny in this interview about her journey of opening Harlem's hidden gem with details on her triumphs and challenges that has come with being a new business owner. By the end of this interview, you will know exactly why it is important to "stick to your vision."

As per usual, get yourself some paper, a pen and a highlighter to write these gems down. 

To learn more about Tammeca or to sign up for her great cycling classes; go to


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Created on Posted by Ashley Codrington Comment Link

This was a great class!!! Such a great space to workout in. Thank You Justin for your wonderful energy. Thank You Tammeca for creating such a space. It was fun, sweaty, AND WHOLESOME. I love the bathroom (very important feature in ANY space) and when we left :) the Owner offered us apples that they get from the local market. I will DEFINITELY cycle here again. Looking forward to their expansion all over the world! Peace And Blessings- Ashley C @66SagamoreNYC

Created on Posted by S.B. Comment Link

Great Interviewing ! I look forward to more soon

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