Sam Sneed: Giving A New Meaning To The Term "Master Barber"

Sam Sneed: Giving A New Meaning To The Term "Master Barber"

sam sneed
We are all familiar with the title Barber but some people may not know what distinguishes a Barber from a Master Barber. A Master Barber is a Barber who still does the traditional barber services such as hair cuts, buzzes, shape-ups, etc but who also provides other services such as color and hair units. Sam Sneed is a talented Licensed Master Barber who is giving the term a whole new meaning way beyond his skills. 
Sneed is the owner of Strickly Skillz Barbershop located in his hometown of Queens, New York. He has been cutting hair since he was 12 years old and one would assume that would make him a Master Barber by default. Sneed has worked hard to enhance his skills by learning how to color hair, make hair units for men and do facials which are all services he offers at his shop. When Sneed is not at the barbershop servicing clients, he's either taking a class, at a hair show or attending barber expos to furthermore excel within his expertise.  
In this interview, Sneed talks about how he got started, how he has evolved and how he plans on expanding the Strickly Skillz empire. He also talks about how he turned the tragedy of his brother's untimely passing into a day to give back book bags full of school supplies to his community on what is now known as; ZDa Great Day. Sneed is definitely bringing a new meaning to the term, "Master Barber" through all that he does inside and outside of the shop. So if you aspire to be a Barber, a Master Barber or just looking for some inspiration from a successful entrepreneur, you came to the right place.
For more on Sneed, be sure to follow him on Instagram. If you want to check out his skills or looking to book an appointment to avoid disappointments, visit his website;
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Sneed is that dude he came a long way God bless


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